How to lock a Facebook profile

How to lock a Facebook profile

How to activate the profile lock feature on Facebook? During this explanation, we will learn about the steps to lock the Facebook profile in a 100% proven way on the computer, Android, and iPhone with a few clicks through the settings of the official Facebook application so that it protects your privacy in a guaranteed way. Yes, you do not need a program, application, or website to perform this process on your Facebook account, as this feature is activated through the settings of the application itself. In general, let's first learn what the Facebook profile lock feature is and how to access it and activate or turn it off at any time according to your convenience.

What is the Facebook profile lock feature?

We could understand it by following the given example;

For example, when someone locks their profile, only their friends will be able to see the following:

1.    Pictures and posts on his diary

2.    Full-size profile picture or cover photo

3.    his own stories

4.    New posts and photos

Furthermore, any posts you previously shared as public will be changed to Friends Only so that no one who isn't on your Friends list can see your posts. Diary review and tag review will also be turned on, and only part of their About information will be shown to everyone on their profile.


If you secure your Facebook profile, then the settings for how people search for you and communicate with you will not be changed.

Facebook Profile Lock (Normal Facebook App)

On Android phones and iPhones:

You can lock your profile by entering your profile page, clicking on the “three dots”, and then clicking on the “Lock Profile” option as in the screenshot below. Also, this option can be accessed through “Settings”. Just, you only need to open your account from the normal Facebook application on your Android phone or iPhone, then click on the menu (the three-condition sign), then scroll down and click on the “Settings and privacy” option, then click on “Settings”. After that, scroll down a bit until you reach Audience and Visibility, in the meantime you will notice that there is a new option known as “Lock Profile” as shown in the screenshot below, click on it. With these steps, your Facebook profile will be locked from the regular official application on Android phones and devices.

How to lock Facebook lite profile

If you want to do this process from the Facebook Lite app, it is very easy. Open the Facebook Lite application, click on the “three conditions” menu, then click on the “Settings” option, and then click on “Lock Profile”. Finally, agree to lock your profile to protect and secure your privacy from unwanted people. The same, these steps can be done through your profile.

Unlock Profile

As for how to unlock the profile. Just, do the same steps above and at the end click on the “Unlock” option.

Lock Facebook Profile from Computer

Fortunately, the same steps above can also be done from a computer screen. Just, you need to log into your account from any Internet browser installed on your device, then go to your profile and click on the “three dots”.

Finally, click on the “Lock Profile” option as shown in the screenshot above to lock your profile.

the old way

How to lock Facebook profile 

Securing your profile is not available on Facebook for iPhone or Facebook on any Internet browser. To secure your profile, do the steps below. This feature is not available in all countries at the moment, and you can only secure your profile in certain countries and on certain devices. But after searching for a long time, we found a way to lock and secure Facebook profiles in all countries in a very simple way.

Just, download and install the Facebook Lite application or the light version from the Google Play Store, then log in with your Facebook account, then click on the “three condition sign” menu, and then click on the “Language” option from the drop-down menu. After that, a long list of languages ​​appears. Our only concern is to select the language. After that, go back and click again on the three side menu conditions, then click on the Settings option. Here in the meantime, you just need to scroll down and then tap on the option indicated which will appear as a “lock” icon. You will be taken to activating the profile lock feature on the Facebook social networking site. Just, click on the option below. Immediately the screen below will appear with you, click on the indicated option, and immediately this feature will be activated in your Facebook account.

How to disable this feature?

Now, suppose you want to disable this feature, what should you do? Just, open the normal Facebook application or the Facebook Lite application according to your convenience, then go to your profile or your profile, and then click on the “three dots”. In the last, select or click on the “Unlock Profile” option and immediately this feature will be disabled and stopped in your Facebook account.