How to change the font on Facebook


How to change the font on Facebook

Need to post a job on Facebook and want to differentiate it from others by changing its font or applying certain formatting to the text in it (writing, for example, in bold or italic)? Don't worry, it's not impossible, and if you want, I can explain how to proceed.


In today's guide, I will explain in detail how to change the font on Facebook so that you can create more engaging posts. Not only will I show you how to change the font style and format, but also how to create color posts, change the font size, and customize fonts in Stories.

If this is what you are looking for, I will tell you not to waste any more precious time. All you have to do is sit back and pay attention to all the tips I will give you in the following chapters.


How to change fonts on Facebook


See to Queries Change the font on Facebook For the posts you publish or the comments you leave about the status of other users, you can easily perform this process thanks to an online tool.

These are third-party solutions since at the moment Facebook does not provide the ability to change fonts directly from the social network. In any case, the outcomes that can be found are outstanding. Be careful, as some special characters may not display correctly on some devices or operating systems. With that, let's act.


Whether you're using the web version of Facebook or an app for smartphones and tablets, using an online tool is the best option, as it ensures that you can't be the target of too much advertising that, instead, is usually found in mobile apps.

However, the tool I recommend for changing the font is the one offered by Fsymbols, with which any text can be generated, and then choose one of the many fonts available. To use it, go to the website you just linked, and on the page that appears, find the text box that says Type here for large text.


In this box, type the full text (or part of it) that you want to publish in a Facebook post or comments. At this point, in the area below, you will be presented with several examples of font styles that reflect the terms you wrote earlier.

In addition to large fonts, there are also many other fonts with unique styles. You can also find text that is underlined, strikethrough, or bold. When you select the one you like the most and want to use on Facebook, tap the Copy button on the side to copy the text to the device's clipboard file.

Now go back to Facebook and go to the posting area or to write a comment. If you want to learn more about these topics, I recommend reading my guides on how to create a Facebook post and how to use Facebook.

At this point, all you have to do is paste the previously copied text and then continue publishing. In the PC then right-click on the text box and choose the item Catch from the context menu. On mobile and tablet instead, hold your finger on the box and select the item Catch from the box above.


Anyway, if you want to learn more about how to copy and paste text on Facebook, you can refer to my guide dedicated to this topic.

If, on the contrary, you want to change the fonts in Facebook Stories, know that you can do it directly from the official application of the social network to Android e iPhone / iPad. You just have to start the last option, press the button Create a new story, then in that to create a text story and repeatedly press the button at the lowest to scroll through the several presented writing characters.


How to change the font size on Facebook


Are the texts on Facebook too small and do you find it hard to read them well? Do you want to create flyers with larger fonts? If you're asking yourself these kinds of questions, know that it's possible to change the font size on Facebook. If you want to enlarge the source of writings on Facebook, you can work through the accessibility tools of your mobile device or by doing a zoom in a web browser. In those cases, you can refer to what I indicated in my guide on how to capitalize letters from Facebook.

Finally, if you want to write a post in large fonts, you can check out the online tools I told you about in the previous chapter. So, this was a complete tutorial about the FB font change and FB font size change. You could do it simply by following all the steps mentioned above.